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Reversal on gastric bypass and DS/BPD surgery

People researching gastric bypass surgery or duodenal switch surgery should realize that despite what some might tell them, these procedures PERMANENTLY change the configuration of your digestive system and are not reversible!

Reversal on gastric bypass or Duodenal-Switch surgery is not an easy task. As Dr Flancbaum stated in his book, DOCTOR'S GUIDE TO WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY, the procedure creates permanent structural changes in the digestive tract.  Dr Terry Simpson of Phoenix, AZ, a WLS Surgeon who prefers the DuodenalSwitch surgery, agrees.  "It's like remodeling your house. We can take down parts of it but basically it's not reversible."  Dr Simpson added at a recent seminar "Some people ask 'can't you just take the staples out?'  (like you can unstaple your newspaper!)" 

Additionally, few WLS surgeons care to do reversals for various reasons although often when asked by pre ops about reversal 'just in case' they assure the pre op that reversal is easy and say that they would do it. "But," say many, "I've never had to do one of these." 

The patient may end up thinking that reversals are never needed but there is definitely strong evidence to the contrary.  And many WLS surgeons say they have never done a reversal, not because it wasn't needed but because they had chosen to not become involved in reversals.  Reversals tend to be more difficult surgeries than the original procedures and equally risky (although I've never known a patient to die from a reversal and most regain their health to some degree rather soon after a reversal).  According to one nurse who lived in the UK, some hospitals outside the United States, takedown gastric bypass surgery after a year or two, in order to avoid long term vitamin deficiencies.

This surgeon, Dr Naaman has done several reversals on gastric bypasses. From his website:

>>>A small percent of people who undergo gastric bypass develop difficulties with this procedure. These difficulties could be either extensive nausea and vomiting, nutritional deficiency, or general dissatisfaction with the procedure either because of its social implications or because of the inability to eat certain foods. Under these circumstances, revision of the gastric bypass can be carried out. This revision usually involves take- down of the roux-en-Y limb of the bypass and creation of a passage between the small gastric pouch and the native stomach. Obviously these revisional procedures are technically challenging with somewhat higher risks than the original procedure. However, Dr. Naaman has performed many of these revisions. <<<<

He is located in Texas. Here's his website - there is also an interesting slide show on a lap gastric bypass as well as other abdominal surgeries:  Phone: 713-468-2449

Dr Elliot Goodman, an excellent highly skilled bariatric surgeon, located in NYC also does reversals and revisions. Here is his website:


A Doctor's Guide to Weight Loss Surgery; How to make the decision that could save your life.

Dr Terry Simpson - Dr. Simpson Web Site  Dr Simpson has also done reversals and revisions.

Phone numbers of other docs who have done reversals

Dr. Miles Weaver in Pittsburgh, PA 1-866-579-6759 click on option 4 hospital office
regular office number is: 412-359-6668

Dr. Huse, in Carmel Indiana. 317-814-4590

Dr. Kuhner in Marshfield, Wisconsin 1-800-782-8581