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updated:08-22-2017 - Informed consent about weight loss surgery procedures - new info about the gastric balloon

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                                 Link to coroner's report - death in WLS patient

"I WANT TO LIVE" by Dani Hart - journal of a patient's experience with a gastric bypass from pre-op to 18 months later when she needed a 'take-down' to save her life. Available on Amazon

Informative book on Weight Loss Surgery by skilled WLS surgeon!  Amazon link
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40 percent serious complications in gastric bypass - study

I need someone to help me say "no" - dieting may not be a good idea

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Vicky Barrett Savage created an artistic website about her 30 year experience as a gastroplasty patient who was very ill as a result of her surgery (post gastrectomy syndrome). Vicky and I enjoyed Skyping quite often!  She passed on, in Spring 2010. You can read her complete story by clicking on the banner below. Her own website is still available. This surgery is one of the least invasive of all procedures but as you will see, in the long term, it had its difficulties.  Here is her page on this site. Below is a banner for Vicki's site which is maintained by her family.

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